Yoga Asana

Image: Hannah Gordon-Kirk

Image: Hannah Gordon-Kirk



Restorative yoga is the practice of letting go, releasing, and looking inward. During this practice, poses are held between two and five minutes, and the body is supported by the ground and props to facilitate an environment of total relaxation. Lights are dimmed and quiet music is played. This quiet practice stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, otherwise known as rest and digest, and helps the body move toward a state of balance and ease. When this system is stimulated, the heart rate slows, the digestive system is aided, and the body is calmed. 

Restorative yoga is a lovely antidote to stress and fatigue, and is especially beneficial when experiencing major life events such as job change, the loss of a loved one, divorce, or various holidays. It is also a nurturing practice when recovering from illness, injury, or stress. When possible, this class ends with seated meditation. BALANCE IN BREATH specializes in this practice.


Yin is a still practice of sinking deeply into long-held poses and mindfully stretching connective tissues—specifically fascia. Poses are held between two and five minutes while seated, and moderate props are used to allow for stillness in the poses. This quite practice teaches one how to be still physically and mentally while experiencing sensations in the body. Given this, it is incredibly important that clients are mindful of their bodies during this practice and do not exceed their edge, to avoid injury. When possible, this class ends with seated meditation.

Yin allows an opportunity to lengthen connective tissues and practice focusing the mind; however, yin does not typically allow one to drop into a deep meditative state, such as found during restorative yoga. BALANCE IN BREATH specializes in this practice.

hatha flow

Hatha flow is the practice of floating on the breath. All life begins with the breath and so, during this practice, all movement is initiated with the breath. This movement utilizes Surya Namaskars, otherwise known as Sun Salutations, as movement meditation, in addition to intelligently structured warming and cooling poses, to develop a balance between strength and flexibility. Props are used to aid with body alignment and to avoid injury.


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