BALANCE IN BREATH partners with organizations to bring the powerful tools of mindfulness, yoga, and breath work outside of the studio and into our communities. We are delighted to share these projects with you!


Soothing Relaxation (2019)

This workshop was developed for adults recovering from mild to moderate concussion. Often, services for adults who have suffered a concussion can be limited. To help support this group thrive in their recovery, BALANCE IN BREATH and the Plus One Foundation have partnered to offer this workshop to adults in the community at no cost.

Participants will experience a restorative yoga practice that will help ease tension in their bodies, breath work to settle their minds, followed by a nidra practice (similar to guided mediation) to experience a deep state of calm in a relatively short period of time. Participants will leave the workshop feeling soothed and deeply relaxed.

To accommodate sound and light sensitivity, lights will be dimmed, quiet music will play in the background, and no bells or gongs will be used. Additionally, all restorative yoga poses will be modified to decrease and/or avoid pressure on the head and neck.

Thank you Shakti Vinyasa Yoga for donating your space!



Join BALANCE IN BREATH at a workshop to calm your mind with a relaxing restorative yoga practice and drop into a state of deep calm through guided yoga nidra. Leave feeling soothed and relaxed from the practice and also knowing that you've helped save a life of a furry friend. All proceeds from this workshop benefit the Emerald City Pet Rescue in Seattle who rescue and provide medical services to animals nationally. A representative from the rescue will be present to talk about their organization and adoption opportunities.

Thank you Sangha Yoga for donating your space!



BALANCE IN BREATH is honored to partner with the Journey Program (Journey) at Seattle Children's Hospital. BALANCE IN BREATH and Journey are exploring offering restorative movement and breath work as complementary practices to parents who have experienced the loss of a child.

Having been a medical social worker at Seattle Children's Hospital for nearly a decade, I have much respect and appreciation for Journey and the amazing work they do to support families. I am humbled to share this precious practice with parents from their program.   

You can learn more about Journey’s work here and read a beautiful story about how Journey supports families here.

Image: Best Starts for Kids, King County

Image: Best Starts for Kids, King County



More than ever, this academic year, students will have the tools they need to address the impact of trauma and adversity. BALANCE IN BREATH is delighted to announce our 2017-2018 partnership with King County's Best Starts for Kids to cultivate environments where students are supported when facing adversity, so that all students have an opportunity to thrive.

BALANCE IN BREATH will pilot our mindfulness program at a high school in the Highline School District.

You can learn more about Best Starts for Kids here.


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